Cone-head nails brass, copper, or stainless

Hold-down clips For drop ceiling grids

A-9 pattern snips
Straight pattern snips

M-1R aviation snips
Cuts curves

In addition to pressed-plate metal, we also stock all the specialty accessories required to install a tin ceiling or backsplash. Historically appropriate 1 1/4" cone head nails are available in stainless steel, copper, and brass finishes to match your project. Nails are sold in 1# boxes, which is enough to cover approximately 100 square feet of ceiling.

Hold-down clips and T-bars are available for drop ceiling grids. Please contact us to order.

We sell the two most essential types on snips for most projects, the A-9 straight snips and the M-1R aviation snips for coping cornice and cutting curved shapes.