Pattern 200 6" multiple plate

Pattern 204 6" multiple plate

Pattern 207 6" multiple plate

Pattern 208 6" multiple plate

Pattern 209 6" multiple plate

Pattern 210 6" multiple plate

Pattern 234 3" multiple plate

Pattern 803  * available in stainless and copper

Pattern 800  * available in stainless and copper
Girder nosing

Kitchen backsplashes

Kitchen backsplashes are traditionally done in 3 or 6 inch repeating patterns. The seven patterns shown here are a useful place to start in planning a backsplash. Specialty plated finishes and hand-painted finishes work great on backsplashes.

If more than a simple flat area coverage is required, we recommend our cornice/molding strip 803 as a border, or the corner nosing 800 to wrap outside corners. All of the patterns shown here are also available in 18"x48" stainless steel panels for stainless backsplashes.

For easier cleaning, we recommend flat-head stainless brad nails for use on backsplashes, rather then the traditional cone-head nails used for metal ceilings.