Pattern 235 Hammered filler, 24"x48" or 24"x96"

Pattern 410 Molded filler, 24"x48"

Pattern 4574 Molded filler, 24"x48"

Pattern 5007 Molded filler, 24"x48"

Pattern 804 48" Molding strip

Pattern 903 48" Molding strip

Pattern 909 48" Molding strip

Filler and Molded Fillers

Filler patterns are used to cover the outer perimeter of the wall, to avoid having to break a pattern in the middle of a repetition. Some of the fillers shown here come with molding as a part of the pattern, others—such as the 24"x48" Hammered pattern—leave the choice of molding up to the designer. Each of the patterns shown here are 24"x48" sheets which can be cut down to fit the required space. Some patterns, such as Hammered, can also be run in 24"x96" sheets to minimize seams.

If the look you want is not available here, please also see our six inch patterns page. Six inch patterns make ideal filler in some rooms, particularly where the field pattern can be echoed in a smaller filler pattern.